Buy Standing Timber in West Michigan

Buyers of Standing Timber

Standing timber is one of America’s great renewable resources. When logged the proper way, it offers many benefits to a forest in addition to financial benefits for the owner. We use modern forestry techniques and sustainable logging practices to ensure minimal disruption to your land, so you can continue to harvest your timber for years to come. At Habitat Management of Michigan, we specialize in select cutting of standing timber, so we only take the trees that are ready for harvest, and leave the rest to grow and be harvested in the future. When logged using this method, your forest can continue to generate income over time and maintain its health and biodiversity. Don’t hesitate to call Habitat Management of Michigan today for your free estimate.

  • John Deere Processor
  • Ponsse Ergo Processor
  • John Deere Processor Delimbing Stem Wood
  • Hydro Ax

Summary of Timber Management Practices

Timber Management Practices

Equipment Demonstration

This video showcases our large chipper in full action. You will also see our eqiupment being able to go into a wooded area, pick out selected trees and remove them.