Habitat Management in West Michigan

Habitat Managment For Your Woodlands

There are many options to enhance wildlife habitat in your woods. Either for game, non-game species, harvesting and regeneration options. Considerations are made when creating a management plan in regards to maintaining mast-producing trees (like oak to provide food for species like deer/turkey), Thermal cover (such as evergreens) to provide protection for the cold winter months, and den trees (for cavity dwelling animals such as mammals and birds.) Keep in mind, different species of trees, require different amounts of sunlight to flourish. In turn, these trees attract different kinds of wildlife to your woods. Depending on how you manage your forest, will in part determine the types of wildlife you will see.

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Honey Bee Rescue

Habitat management of Michigan recently had an opportunity to work along with a professional beekeeper to save a swarm of honeybees. In August, our wood crew was processing wood as usual for a customer. As the trees were being processed, a tree was cut, which turned out to be hollow. Inside of this hollow tree was a giant hive of honeybees. Clearly, disturbing a honeybee hive to this extent created a need of urgency. This created a great deal of concern for our processor operator. The bees began to swarm and try to figure out what had happened. So, our processor operator immediately called Eric and asked him if he could contact someone, to help save the honey bees. When a hive is disturbed to this extent, it creates a major problem for the honeybees. This could have been detrimental for the entire beehive! Without a hive, survival for the bees was unlikely. Eric immediately contacted a local honey bee keeper. Together they made a game plan to save the honey bees. The honey bee keeper estimated that there were close to 30,000 honeybees in the hive. After spending several hours on site, the bee keeper contacted Eric, to assure him “everyone” was in his boxes safely. The queen was found and her worker bees followed her into the bee hive boxes. The honey bees were safe and now off to their new home.

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